Inquiry and Reservation

Please apply by this form.

Process until that day

  1. Please fill in this form of application and send us.
  2. Wemake the arrangements and send you a reply mail within one day or two days.
  3. Please recomfirm your reservation by e-mail or by telephone one day before the scheduled trip.(by 8 p.m.)
  4. We wil pick you up at the designated place.


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  Telephone number  
Course time  

Spot of hope  
Reservation day   month   day
Number of people    
Meeting spot  
Please tell us the name and the room number of the hotel where you stay or the arrival time at Kyoto station.
  Meeting time   Only when it is reconfirmed the day before , your application is accepted. So please don't forget to call us the day before the scheduled trip by at least 8.p.m.
  Other reports  

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