Guidance in KYOTO, in English

How about seeing Kyoto by Taxi ?

Japanese Version

If you want to enjoy sightseeing , we recommend you to use a taxi. That way , you can save time and see more temples and shrines than with other transportations.

Although we offer services mainly in Kyoto and Nara, we can take you to Mt. Fuji if you wish.. You will need to stay overnight because Mt. Fuji is far from Kyoto.

Advantages of going sightseeing by taxi

  • The taxi fare is designated by the Ministry of Land , Infrastructure and Transport.    
  • If you use the day-long course, you pay only 28290yen for up to 8 hours
  • It is easy to go from one spot to another .
  • Our taxi drivers are experienced drivers and guides in Kyoto. You have a chance to go to interesting lesser known spots as well.
  • If you wish a licensed interpreter can help you.
    (you pay another 2000yen per hour)
  • The taxi driver will pick you up at the station or at your hotel, so you can't get lost
  • If you tell us the places you want to visit, we will make a course to fulfill your plans.    
  • If you tell us when and which places you want to visit ,we will arrange a specialized course according to the seasonand your wishes.
  • The fare is fixed in every course according to the hour
    (the longer you use the taxi, the less you need to pay )

  • The fare per taxi ( up to 4 passengers.)
Half day course 3 hours ¥14,430
3 1/2 hours ¥16,840
4 hours ¥19,240
4 1/2 hours ¥20,450
A day course
5 hours ¥21,650
5 1/2 hours ¥22,850
6 hours ¥24,050
6 1/2 hours ¥25,260
7 hours ¥26,460
7 1/2 hours ¥27,660
8 hours ¥28,870

Popular course

Course 1 (6 hours)
Kyoto station -Sanjusangendo-Kiyomizu temple-Heianjingu-Daikaku temple-Ginkaku temple-Ryuan temple

Course 2 (7 hours)
Kyoto station -Sanjyusangendou-Nijo castle-Kiyomizu temple-Ginkaku temple-Kinkaku temple-Ginkaku temple-Ryuan temple

Course 3 (6 hours and a half)
Kyoto station -Sanjusangendo-Kiyomizu temple-Arashiyama-Kinkaku temple-Ryuan temple

Course 4 (7 hours)
Kyoto station -Kinkaku temple-Ryuan temple-Tenryu temple-Arashiyama-Sanjyusangendou-Kiyomizu temple-through kyoto city


Please pay by cash on the appointed day


■ In addition to the taxi fare, there are the following cost to cover

  • Interpreter fee (2,000yen per hour )
  • parking fees 
  • admission (to temples and so on)
  • lunch 
  • toll road ( if used)    
  • If you want to be picked up at Itami airport or Kansai international airport, there is an expressway toll and you will be charged for the time

■Please don't forget to reconfirm your reservation one day before the appointed day (by 8 p.m. at least)
If you don't call us , your reservation will be canceled.    ●Phone number:090-7353-2665


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